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Oron Catts Lecture

Oron Catt’s talk “When Life Becomes an Instrument of Art”  on FridayOctober 17 at 2pm in MC1307

Artist Oron Catts is world renowned for his experiments at the intersection of art and biology, utilizing life itself as a medium for exploring ontological questions. Producing provocative works in collaboration with scientists including a tissue engineered steak and a ‘victimless’ leather jacket, his pioneering work in Tissue Culture and Art helped define what biological art would become.
As a co-founder of the artistic laboratory SymbioticA, Catt’s has helped enable more than 60 projects by international artists, writers, theorists, and scientists, pushing the boundaries of art-scientific practice. In this talk at SAIC, Catts will discuss how humans’ relationship with the idea of life is going through some radical shifts; from the sub-molecular to the planetary. This dramatic redefinition in cultural understanding of what life is calls for the urgent need to scrutinize and articulate the crisis of sustainability and the treatment of the (nonhuman) other. Catts will present his own work using tissue culture as an artistic medium, as well as some of the strategies and projects that artists at SymbioticA have employed to deal with life as both a raw material and an ever-contestable subject of manipulation.

Glitchicago Performances this Friday : Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

On Friday, September 19 (7pm) an evening of media performances will include work by A. Bill Miller, Antonio Roberts, James Connolly and Kyle Evans, Jason Soliday, Jeff Kolar, Joseph Y0lk Chiocchi, PoxParty (Jon Satrom and Ben Syverson), Nick Briz, I ♥ Presets (Rob Ray, Jason Soliday, Jon Satrom), Curt Cloninger, Nick Kegeyan, Shawné Michelain Holloway, jonCates, and stAllio!.

The following day, Saturday, September 20 (2:30pm), UIMA will host a round table discussion looking at glitch art from an art historical perspective, asking the question: Once we induct glitch art into art history, is glitch art dead?

Somebody: A New Messaging Service by Miranda July

Miranda July’s messaging service Somebody is presented as part of First Look, the New Museum’s ongoing series of digital projects, now co-curated and copresented by Rhizome. Because the app relies on face-to-face interaction, the New Museum (along with other sites around the world) will serve as a “hotspot” for users of the app. 

July’s new iOS application, Somebody™, which the New Museum is proud to copresent as part of a distributed international launch with multiple international partners (see list below), continues these profound investigations into the ways technology mediates our interpersonal communications.

July describes this new messaging service in the following way:

“When you send your friend a message through Somebody, it goes—not to your friend—but to the Somebody user nearest your friend. This person (probably a stranger) delivers the message verbally, acting as your stand-in.”