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Poverty Maze:



“The Generator”:

Inspired people “sharing” useless information that has no real value on social media, for example, what superpower will I have, if I were a superhero? Or if I were a character in movie X, which one would I be? In this project I created several generators of surreal events that people could effortlessly gain accomplishments to share on their Facebook that made no difference in real life.



“In my own reflection”:

Recreating the experience of being cyberly bullied. Social Media is a public space, yet also very personal. I’d like to show how disrupted online identity can affect how one sees his/her own physical identity and the uncomfortability of his/her own reflection. I want to show how something so  mundane that we see, through the fear of cyberbullying, translate to “alternative meaning” and feels extremely intruding of one’s personal space.