Tiga’s work

Practice Projects:



Poverty Maze:




“The Generator”:

Inspired people “sharing” useless information that has no real value on social media, for example, what superpower will I have, if I were a superhero? Or if I were a character in movie X, which one would I be? In this project I created several generators of surreal events that people could effortlessly gain accomplishments to share on their Facebook that made no difference in real life.




“In my own reflection”:

Recreating the experience of being cyberly bullied. Social Media is a public space, yet also very personal. I’d like to show how disrupted online identity can affect how one sees his/her own physical identity and the uncomfortability of his/her own reflection. I want to show how something so  mundane that we see, through the fear of cyberbullying, translate to “alternative meaning” and feels extremely intruding of one’s personal space.





Final project

For my final, I will combine my work into an ongoing database that incorporates the work in different aspects. The background will be featuring my films, but since they are muted and hidden they transform their purpose. Written projects will be moving around, which brings them to life in a sense.


-Things are locally hosted now but all aspects of the final and previous webart projects will be hosted at robmethius.com

http://www.robmethius.com/contextual/  – features my work streaming multiple pages simultaneously

http://www.robmethius.com/wordweb/ – contains the canvas project of the “filthy word web.”




Brannon’s Work

Here are some links that I have presented to and shared with the class this semester. I’ve also thrown in a few new ones that I did not present this semester, but that are direct extensions from the work/ideas that I did show. These works are marked with an “*”.

Also, below is the code that I have been writing for my final project.