News Broadcast Interruptions

I intend to create a work to be displayed on a standard Television screen. This work will be comprised of thousands of fragmented clips from primetime networks like NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC. From a remote location, I will “hijack” these clips in an attempt to converse with viewers directly through custom and real-time messages. These messages will be directed towards the surprised viewers in an attempt to perform the persona that the TV is trying to convince its viewers to keep listening and that it is telling them the truth.

Technically, this will be achieved by creating an SQLite database of the in and out timecodes of thousands of specific words in recorded TV programs, and using FFmpeg to cut each word into a separate video. A web client will then be used to 1) serve a live video and audio stream from the area surrounding the tv to the artist and 2) allow the artist to transform dynamic message content into fragmented tv clips of a myriad of tv personalities speaking the message back to the viewer. A web socket connection between the web client and server will make this communication possible.

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