This course will provide an introduction to creative coding and approaching the web as site and material for artistic intervention. Through presentations and outside readings and viewings, we will work to cultivate an active laboratory as well as a thoughtful discourse around established and emerging web art forms. Topics examined will include,  generative composition, and social computing and information art.

In making work for/from the web, we will consider both functional and conceptual uses of code – the primary language of the net – and will develop literacy in the grammars and syntaxes of networked culture. Technically, the course will cover html, css, javascript, and html5 canvas among other open source tools and languages. We will also look at creative use and appropriation of ready-made environments such and frameworks such as wordpress and drupal. Collaboration is welcome especially between participants with different creative and technical strengths.

professor: jmorrissey <at> saic <.> edu

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