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A self-portrait. This final project will serve as a self-portrait and personal website to display my work. The page will have a background image of a pedestal in an art gallery with various buttons to links of my work. On the pedestal will be a 3D model of my head. This part of the site will require WebGL and three.js with the background being an image of the gallery and pedestal with image mapped buttons.

Underwater Noise Pollution

Spreading awareness regarding underwater noise pollution has been an idea I’ve been working with this semester. I want to develop  how it allows for viewer experience and interaction. I intend to develop the video to display images of the effects of underwater noise pollution and for the video to be affected as the noise progresses. The viewer will be able to try to escape the noise and there will be links available for the viewer to find more information regarding the subject. I intend to use threejs, glitch and video with sound.

Journey to the future of displaying art

Concept: Journey to the future of displaying art. Not far in the future, on-line publish and exhibition will become the basis of how art is viewed. My final will be an experiment in a new way of displaying “traditional” art on web. Throughout the semester, I’ve experimented ways of showing different artwork, like Escher and Mondrian’s painting, and AIC museum


Form: I will use web as media to create and invent a new way of navigating an on-line museum exhibit. The final outcome will be a blend of traditional sculptures and paintings and form of web art.

Code: Using basic html, css and javescript.


I’m fascinated by emoji; not only because of their communicative relevance, but also as a study of cute aesthetics. I plan to perform a few (~3) tests on the unicode set of emoji to challenge the conventions of how we use/interact with emoji in our everyday. Specifically, my site will introduce motion to the otherwise static imagery, thus activating emoji’s seemingly passive cuteness, and (hopefully) imbuing them with further abstraction and strangeness. These tests will appear either on separate pages linked to a homepage or in a vertical sequence progressing from familiar to surreal… The structure depends on how the tests result, but I am leaning more toward the later for its narrative potential.


News Broadcast Interruptions

I intend to create a work to be displayed on a standard Television screen. This work will be comprised of thousands of fragmented clips from primetime networks like NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC. From a remote location, I will “hijack” these clips in an attempt to converse with viewers directly through custom and real-time messages. These messages will be directed towards the surprised viewers in an attempt to perform the persona that the TV is trying to convince its viewers to keep listening and that it is telling them the truth.

Technically, this will be achieved by creating an SQLite database of the in and out timecodes of thousands of specific words in recorded TV programs, and using FFmpeg to cut each word into a separate video. A web client will then be used to 1) serve a live video and audio stream from the area surrounding the tv to the artist and 2) allow the artist to transform dynamic message content into fragmented tv clips of a myriad of tv personalities speaking the message back to the viewer. A web socket connection between the web client and server will make this communication possible.


If technology is an extension of our bodies, then the cursor is an extension of our finger(s). We touch a lot of things with our fingers and with our cursor, so if we believe that washing our physical hands is important, then washing our cursor every once in a while might not be a bad idea. The website will display a bar of soap that extends to the end, or near the end, of the page. When the visitor constantly moves their mouse over the soap, it will start to deteriorate and bubble, just like how a bar of soap reacts when we use it. This will be executed with javascript and jquery. I will either make an animation with canvas or processing, a video, or a series of gifs of soap being used and deteriorating. Maybe if our machines feel cleaner they’ll run better and be more confident :) ~


This piece involves an image of a snake eating its own tail. As the snake eats its tail, a counter in the center of the piece counts the number of revolutions that the snake has made. The snake eats its own tail forever as the counter counts. The counter counts every revolution the snake has made from the piece’s launch date until the death of the internet.

– Sarah